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Website Help

About The Website

Troop Resources are only available to troop members, to become a member click the "signup" button at the top. To log in click the "log in" button. The webmaster will have to approve you before you can access the troop resources. Contact the webmaster here if you need help, or talk to him/her at your next scout meeting. Pages that are only available to the troop with the exception of this page will have a blue header, like the one shown above.

Signing up

Troop 71 requires members to log in to the website in order to access certain information, this protects our scouts. Logging in with Google/Facebook is the preferred method, as it is faster and you don't need to remember your account password. If you have a Google account but don't want to sign in with Google, you can sign with an alternate email address. 

Members Must:

Please Note:

It may take a bit to become a member, as the webmaster needs to verify your identity.

Troop 71 shared calendar

The Troop 71 Google calendar is run by the troop webmaster, and syncs with most mobile phones, so that you can access all of the event details right from your phone. There are two main ways to set up your calendar, the first is through the google calendar app/website, the other is through the iPhone calendar app. Please note that directions will only be sent after the webmaster has shared the calendar with you. You can always view the calendar on the Troop Website here.

Using Google Calendar With Google Account

If you already have a Google Account, go to the Calendar page, and click the white button labeled " + Google Calendar" you may be prompted to sign in to your Google account, then your calendar will be added. This works perfectly with the Google Calendar web, IOS, and Android apps.

Using Google Calendar With Google Account and Apple Calendar App

After following the previous step:

  1. ​Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts​

  2. If your Gmail address is listed go to step 5, if not, continue on to step 3

  3. Click Add account > Google, then sign in to your Google Account

  4. Make sure that "calendars" is switched on, and then click "save"

  5. Go to "" and make sure "Troop 71 Events" is checked and click "save".

  6. Open the Calendar app, click "Calendars" at the bottom, then make sure "Troop 71 Events"  is selected. Click "Done".

  7. You should now see Troop 71 events on your calendar

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