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Join Troop 71

Boys & Girls

Use our website contact form to contact our Scoutmaster so you can come visit and Join our troop!

Membership Requirements

Boys & Girls must be younger than 18 years and have either

Completed 5th grade and at least 10 years old or,  Earned Cub Scout Arrow of Light and at least 10 yrs old, or be at least 11 years old

Why Join

Troop 71?

Joining Troop 71 gives you and your family a valuable experience, with life lessons you cannot receive anywhere else. Scouts learn to plan, cook, clean, plan, provide, survive, thrive, and administer first aid, as well as make new friends and memories.


How Often Does the Troop Meet?

Troop 71 meets every Thursday from 7:00-8:30 unless school is closed. The troop usually has one weekend outing per month and participates in a few week long summer camps.

What Commitment is required?

Scouts are encouraged to attend every meeting and outing that they are able to attend. Scouts who hold leaderships will be held to a higher standard of attendance- because without a leader the troop can't function. Scouts who participate the most will most likely move up ranks faster than others.

What Items will my scout need to purchase upon joining?

Scouts need a scout uniform and the scout handbook (which will keep track of advancements). Most of our scouts have their own camping gear,  and the Troop Quartermaster keeps track of our troop gear.


What are some of the options for summer camps and camping locations?

Troop 71 attends campsites including Rotary Scout Reservation, where scouts can earn a plethora of merit badges. Older scouts are encouraged to attend high adventure camps and the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), improving your scout's leadership skills and compatibility with and for other scouts.

How can I help as a parent?

All scout troops need parents in order to run, the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster(s) assist in coordinating with the Youth. One key difference between Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA is that Scouts BSA is a Youth Led Organization, where the youth lead meetings and plan outings. Adults are Primarily there for Guidance. There are also many other positions for adults including treasurer and membership/advancement chairs.

How do I become a merit badge Counselor?

For parents who are interested in helping scouts advance, or those who have interest in a particular subject area, becoming a merit badge Counselor might be a good idea. Scouts has over 130 merit badges ranging from Nuclear Science to Swimming. Merit badge counselors teach and test scouts on the requirements for that merit badge. Learn More

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